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When Videos Lie

We – an international team of journalists and tech students – dared to experiment: Can we create convincing deepfake videos of politicians in a few weeks? And if so, how will they react to them?

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What are Deepfakes?

Deepfakes are videos that are generated with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and corresponding software. This results in the possibility of having any person do or say whatever you want. However, experts are divided over the use of the term "deepfake" due to its negative connotation.

Deepfakes – Between Danger and Possibility

Former US President Barack Obama calls Donald Trump an idiot. David Beckham talks about eradicating malaria in fluent Mandarin. These videos are hard to imagine. But deepfake technology makes them a reality. Deepfakes are both a danger and an opportunity for our society.

A Short History of Fake News

Fake news is nothing new. In order to manipulate public opinion, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt skilfully twisted the facts. How has the spread of fake news evolved - and what's next in the world of disinformation?

Deepfake Production:
The Deepfake Experiment

Artificial intelligence makes it increasingly easy to create videos. In these videos, people say or do things that they have never said or done. Is our democracy in danger? We started an experiment: Can we create convincing deepfake videos of politicians in a few weeks? And if so: How would they react?

Deepfakes for Good

Saving lives and making professional film productions affordable: These examples are only a fraction of the possibilities of using the technology behind deepfakes for a good cause. In the discourse on synthetic media, it is important not to forget this perspective.

The Biggest Dangers
of Deepfakes

By nature, humans are skeptical about new things. In the case of deepfakes, this is perfectly justified – they are currently used mostly in pornography.

The Magnifying Glass
in the Haystack

Users can still easily expose most deep fakes. But what happens when that is no longer possible? A battle between machines and human inventiveness.

Digital Rape: Women Are Most Likely to Fall Victim to Deepfakes

Around 93 percent of the deepfakes that were available online in 2020 were not funny deepfakes of Obama, but non-consensual porn, according to a report by the company "Sensity".

What to Do If You Find Yourself in a Deepfake

The DeepTrust Alliance concluded a 4-part series on deepfakes with NYC Fintech Women. One of the videos outlines what women can do if they ever find themselves the subject of a non consensual deepfake.

Deepfake Regulations

Deepfakes are among us and aren’t going anywhere. Attempts at regulation are difficult. The EU Commission would like to create a legal framework with proposed legislation. But is that even possible?

The Future of Deepfakes

IT’S THE YEAR 2033 – the elections for the 23rd German Bundestag are imminent. Deepfake technology, about which a lot can be learned on these pages, is already a familiar part in all of our lives. Basic knowledge of deepfakes is already part of the curriculum of high school students.

Deepfakes: What We Need Is Moral Integrity

The last few years have made us suspicious. Donald Trump coined the term fake news, which too quickly became a regular in worldwide vocabulary. Deepfakes are misinformation of the highest quality: We can no longer believe our eyes.

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