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Artificial intelligence makes it increasingly easy to create videos. In these videos, people say or do things that they have never said or done. In the super election year of 2021, this raises the question: Is our democracy in danger? We - an international team of 17 journalism students and 12 tech students – started an experiment: Can we create convincing deepfake videos of politicians in a few weeks? And if so: How would they react?

Script & Direction
Tom Kollmar
Fiona Mathewson
Julia Ruck
Lore Schulze-Velmede

Tom Kollmar

Heads of Staff
Florent Comtesse
Anna Parrisius
Benedikt Rüschen
Katerina Zafeiri

Maxim Westermann

Maxim Westermann

Edit Trailer
& Teaser
Vincent Göler

Robin Harff

Volkan Baydar

Color Grading
Bow Couleur

Research & Planning
Beatrice Achterberg  
Nameer Alkhayyat
Victor Bellu  

Florent Comtesse
Matias Cardone
Behnaz Derakhshani  

Anna Chiara Doil
Ferdinand Heimbach
Suad Kamardeen

Tom Kollmar
Lilliana Lee Chung
Danny Mahlig  
Fiona Mathewson

Sebastian May
Christian Mayer  
Eduardo Nogueira
Samuel Nzekwe

Saidusmon Oripov Anna Parrisius
Juliane Reuther
Julia Ruck

Raphael Siems
Sonja Sönnichsen
Merlin Sugue
Jonas Uhlig  
Katerina Zafeiri

Special Thanks
Resemble AI
Wav2Lip: Accurately Lip-syncing Videos In The Wild  

Executive Producer
Kristin Schulze
Justin Vanessa Reichelt
Simon Sticker
Riza-Rocco Avsar
Marc Thomas Spahl
Rudolf Porsch
Dr. Ulrich Schmitz   

A Production of
FreeTech - Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology  
© Axel Springer SE 2021  

This documentation is part of the project "The Deepfake Report" of the FreeTech - Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology in Berlin, Germany.

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